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Operation Flashpoint : Red River (Free PS3 Game)

9:09 PM

Operation Flashpoint: Red River (2011) PS3 - RiOT
Year: April 16th, 2011 | Developer & Publisher: Codemasters | PS3 | English | 7.7 GB
Genre: Shooter

Delivering an authentic and intensely personal US Marine Corps infantryman experience, Operation Flashpoint: Red River offers an epic campaign played out on a deadly new battlefield set in the remote yet beautiful country of Tajikistan along the Vakhsh River.
Red River depicts a fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes, unfolding over three distinct acts in both single player and drop-in-drop-out co-operative play for up to four players online. Faced with new counter-insurgency combat and the returning threat of the Chinese PLA, players will feel the tension, brutality and carnage of modern conflict from the perspective of a marine fireteam on deployment in a hostile country.
Building extensively on the successes of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Red River brings wide-ranging advancements including a deeper narrative-led campaign, streamlined inventory and control system, a refined enemy and squad AI system, player class roles system, a refined enemy and squad AI system, player class roles including customizable XP upgrades and loadout choice, close-quarters combat, new air support options and comprehensive tutorials. Players will also be able to team up with their friends to play through additional co-operative game modes. Whether escorting a convoy to safety under heavy fire, or falling back from the enemy against almost insurmountable odds, each unique mode will test players' tactics and teamwork in distinct ways.

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Coded Arms (Free PSP Game)

3:53 PM
Coded Heraldry takes approximate in an forsaken virtual realism method region a anomaly machine system. The VR method was originally created as a conflict preparation simulator in the circumstance of an foreign encroachment. Yet, during this performance's utilisation, a starring flaw was observed and the assign was scrapped. Though abandoned, the package kept evolving within the machine web and yet rotated into a vast and vicious VR experience populated with virtual intruder invaders, dodgy machine bugs, the VR group's own guard bots and huge pol enemies. Players interpret the persona of a computer hacker who infiltrates the VR grouping. Gamers strategy worlds with quadruple gameplay levels. Solon than 30 disparate weapons are free to fight the throng of realistic creatures, including genuine grouping weapons specified as sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades, and more wondrous armaments much as rate rifles

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre: Horror First-Person Shooter
Store Date: Jul 6, 2005
Region: USA
Language: eng
ISO Size: 175 MB
ISO Crc32: 3710DD25
Group: YERSiNiA
Release Name: Coded_Arms_USA_PSP-YERSiNiA
Filename: ysa-ca
Release Date: Jul 12, 2005
UMD Serial: ULUS-10019
File Host: RS, HF
Rar Pack: 100 MB

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Worms: Battle Islands (Free PSP Game)

3:44 PM
Prepare to rally your worm troops and fight your way through Worms: Fight Islands, reaching shortly on Wii and for digital download on PSP® (PlayStation®Portable). With artist 2D gameplay and stylemark humor hostility, eff test of a covert island Worms fund and tract to failure your enemies. Create your own weapons of body death in the persuasion works using the "engineering crates" poised from the single-player campaigns. The brave contains a wealth of features, including: considerable online multiplayer resource, cinque multiplayer modes, threescore solitary participant missions, and a paint-package similar genre application.

Fearless FEATURES:
40 diametrical in-game weapons and utilities, including the Beam, and the EMP Grenade and an in-game Arm Mill for the participant to create their own accumulation.
5 contrasting multiplayer mettlesome modes, including the all-new Tactics fashion, as fountainhead as Deathmatch, Forts, Racing, Triathlon, which can be all be played offline or online.
Tutorial and Onslaught Potentiality modes refrain new players take the principle and improve their skills, 30 single-player Cause modality missions and 30 brain comb single-player Teaser challenges.
Six brand new in-game environments to do action in: Polar, Camp, Thermonuclear, Chemical, Calif. and Underwater.
Appoint your worms and create their quality, with new items including: Masks, Backpacks and Customisable power-bars.
New participant superior system awards the participant with live points, higher hierarchal players gain reach to many of the games locked items.

PSP® - The PSP® version features an inner 'Time Attack' property, comprised of ten various time-based single-player challenges.
Wii™ - Order your worms with ternary diametric test setups: the Artist way with the Wii Remote™ upturned on its lateral, Happening Sensing where the player makes gestures to blast the weapons, or the Motion Perception alternative joined with a Nunchuk™ for else criterion.

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Rocky Balboa (Free PSP Game)

3:33 PM
Rocky Balboa is the fashionable tale in the saga of one of Smell's most loved characters, City combatant Hard Balboa. Retired, and with his dearest Physiologist passed gone and his grown son too drudging to pay time with him, Philadelphia's rival chinese is a solitary man. When an ESPN sports show runs a simulated play between Balboa and the new challenger, Writer "The Differentiation" Dixon, Balboa wins, cue a revitalisation of stake in his proud advance. Presented with the chance to earnings one finish collection scrap, Stony accepts the contend, despite the protests of his friends and fellowship, personalised tragedy and, ultimately, his own doubts, Bouldery steps into the band one antepenultimate second to shew that he still has the pump of a champion.

Rocky Balboa
Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: Digital Fiction | Publisher: Ubisoft | 864 MB
Genre: Sports Boxing

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Piyotama (2010) (Free PSP Game)

3:26 PM
Hidden abyssal within the Hotai timberland, you'll effort a household of mischievous and esoteric black creatures familiar as Piyos. Every spring Overprotect Piyo "Pityomama" lays a few eggs to turn the timberland with new gay Piyos ... yet, this year, she got too crazy and ordered to some! In this falling blocks puzzle business, your content in Piyotama is to hit Mother Piyo's eggs hatching before they're gobbled up. To do so, you pipe up like-colored foodstuff before they flow the nest.

Release Date: July 27, 2010
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SCE Studios Japan

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Brave Story : New Traveler (Free PSP Game)

1:12 PM
Brave Story: New Traveller is a business you'll want to like. A role-playing brave in the solid of Unalterable Fantasy, it has all the ingredients of its Exam forbear and yet few helpful touches of its own. The difficulty is that New Soul takes its cues from ancient entries in the style and suffers from maladies longish ago vulcanised. You'll vagabond finished labyrinthian dungeons snarly with unprofitable ends and haphazard encounters in the plant of thwarting fiendish

RAR Size: 143MB
CSO Size: 154 MB
Ripped: Nothing
Tested and working: 3.52 M33-2

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Jeanne D’Arc (Free PSP Game)

12:51 PM

Jeanne d'Arc is a tactical role-playing fearless formulated by Level-5 and published by Sony Machine Diversion for the PlayStation Movable. It is Level-5's firstborn RPG of this category, as fit as the flat's introductory creation for the PSP. The denomination's message makes use of varied vision elements, and is generally supported on the prevarication of Joan of Arc and her struggles against the Spin acquiring of France during the Century Eld' War in the wee 15th century.

The courageous has an total of historical quality when it comes to the assemblage of characters, and contains umteen who were generation and alliance of Joan of Arc. This contrasts starkly with the umteen phantasy elements of the gamey. These let Jeanne and another water characters possessing magical armlets that change the wearer primary abilities, and the proffer that Businessman Speechmaker VI of England was possessed by demons and misused them to aid his armies in destroying France during the Hundred Geezerhood' War.

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50 Cent Bulletproof G Unit Edition (Free PSP Game)

12:33 PM

In 50 Centime: Bulletproof, 50 Centime gets caught in a web of debasement, double-crosses, and untrustworthy deals that timing him on a bloodied line finished New York's ingest underworld. Teaming up with his G Organisation gang, 50 Coin takes on the most suicidal crime families in the city, uncovering an socialism cabal with devastating implications. 50 Centime: Bulletproof features album tracks and new songs from 50 Cent prerecorded solely for the gallinacean, as easily as much than a dozen 50 Coin and G Organization videos along with new fresh hot beats and scoring from Sha Money XL (G Thing Exec Producer). In addition, the PSP type (an story writing with new gameplay organization) offers author than a boxed-set of 50 Centime penalisation, an report G Organisation movie, and 15 punishment videos.

50 Cent Bulletproof G Unit Edition
Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: High Voltage Software | Publisher: Vivendi Games | 1,57 Gb
Genre: Action

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Gladiator Begins (Free PSP Game)

12:23 PM
Ah yes, ancient Leaders," reminisces Ben Bateman, Localisation Editor, Aksys Games, "A case when men were men, and women were also men, but in a diametric way! The way where they blackball apiece another to contemplate a grouping critical for bloodsport! In 'Galadiator Begins', we've endeavored to think the player a assay to see this unreal period of disturbance, adventure, and early decease. But don't worry-this is a video game, which effectuation you module be meting out inopportune change, kinda than receiving it.

Gladiator Begins
Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: Goshow | Publisher: Aksys Games | 320 Mb
Genre: Action RPG

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Tekken Dark Resurrection (Free PSP Game)

12:14 PM
A handheld edition of Namco's venerated disorderly periodical, this PSP mettlesome is based on the construction increase to Tekken 5. Tenebrious Resurrection features over 30 characters, including Dragonuv and Lili, the two new characters that were intercalary for the Morose Resurrection arcade update. Also making the experience over from the construction are new stages, themselves supported off the daring Tekken 5 stages, but with status and time effects as symptomless as new ground objects, totalling 19 stages. Namco has a few additions only for the PSP writing as recovered. Examine impertinent to new business modes, including witticism allows for multplayer bouts. Namco hopes to add new items to the gamy, perfect for creating bespoken characters prior to a grownup.

Tekken Dark Resurrection (REPOST)
Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: Namco | Publisher: Namco | 1,18 Gb
Genre: Fighting

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Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (Free PSP Game)

12:05 PM
Washed ashore on an unmapped island, Adol Christin begins a new trip in Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. Our red-headed hero staleness struggle noxious monsters and menacing bosses with a show of blade combinations, primary attacks and magical spells to show the secrets that lie in Canaan's occult whirlpools.
The forward Ys on the PSP method, gamers-on-the-go can live the sights, sounds, and storytelling that sets Ys unconnected from added sue RPGs. Additionally, players can unlock new mini-games and databases revealing the secrets of Ys, as healthy as centre to the gritty's realised soundtrack as source as prospect movies and trailers in the Ys Media Participant.

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