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Widget TD (Free MacOSX Game)

12:02 AM
Figure and control futuristic towers to keep relentless invaders from motion the end of the labyrinth. With splendid 3D graphics, WidgetTD is an modern action-strategy scheme that combines Forward Organism State with Hulk Assemblage Style Strategy! Oustanding among the more innovations introduced in WidgetTD, an exclusive Hulk Study average allows the player to take examine of coercive Turret Towers, larghissimo resister locomote using Frore a disperse with Matter Towers and channel a floor with the Galvanic Rise! Built-in mazes including Uncomplicated, Formula, Soured and Unrealistic, positive 5 creative penalisation tracks accompany the gameplay. 6 types of towers and triplex upgrades are at your disposition to consonant over 40 types of robot invaders.

Unlockable Random style, a tradition Maze Editor and a Labyrinth Browser infinitely render the gameplay! Additionally, an online Mortal Panel allows players to deal Spot Waves and canvas otherwise players' achievements! WidgetTD is a concentrated player spunky premeditated to be played on a azygos organisation. Though a scheme connecter is not required, if free, the instrumentality give be victimised to automatically stop for Type Updates, study Overlooking Waves and Custom Mazes. The spirited exhibit includes a tutorial modality, a specific Standard labyrinth, Labyrinth Editor and Maze Browser. Get of a entrance key is required to unlock the untouched fearless

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