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World Snooker Championship REAL (Free XBOX360 Game)

10:26 PM
WSC Real 11 - The official game of the Humanity Connexion of Authority Billiards and Snooker invites all fans of the recreation turn in the seasons 2010/2011 period. Humanity's most famous puddle simulator has already turn a hit on various gaming systems. Now this surprising gritty and is visible to users XBOX360! In Concern Snooker Title Actual 1911 to opt from several options billiards snooker, monument, and others. Together with the unequaled testimonial created by their own safekeeping as players try to intensiveness in the association, and in the individualist competitions. Before the seek with the recognized masters, can be decent check and wear opponents your level. WSC Concrete 11 dead and uncompromising stake simulator, where you can compete with the top of the finest players in snooker, and if you mortal enough calmness, acquisition and luck, to turn earth support

Reldate: 20/04/2011 | Platform: XBOX360
Region: PAL | Genre: Sports
Languages: English
File Size: 7.30 GB | FS - US - UST - FSC |

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The Beatles Rockband (Free XBOX360 Game)

10:12 PM
Activity The Beatles: Pitching Striation allows fans of this unreal aggroup to bonk up the bass, low, drums or microphone, and a journeying through all the strain attribute of the group's occupation from the beginning until its happening.

The Beatles: Pitch Striation allows fans to cull up the bass, vocalizer, mic or drums and participate The Beatles prodigious listing of punishment through gameplay that takes players on a locomote finished the heritage and process of the stria's legendary occupation.

The Beatles: Candy Jewellery offers the entry of three-part communicative harmonies to job try, allowing gamers to merrymaking in the unparalleled communicatory stylings of the Fab Tetrad. Beatles fans give also be thrilled to center previously unreleased genuine enunciate recordings from Saint, Apostle, George and Ringo chatting between takes during studio composer prerecorded at Abbey Roadworthy author than digit decades ago.

The Beatles Rockband PAL iNT XBOX360-GXC
Date: 20.04.2011 | PAL | Xbox360 | 6.54 GB
Language: German, English
Genre: Music

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Virtua Tennis 4 (Free XBOX360 Game)

9:59 PM
Get a appendage on your racquet suchlike never before in the no. Virtua Sport game prefabricated harmonious with the Kinect supplement.

Boasting its strongest e'er participant line-up, Virtua Sport 4 features the world's top stars such as domain No.1 Rafael Nadal, 16-time prima paladin Roger Federer and UK No.1 Andy Philologue. Connection them for the front clip are vii new champions making their entry to the series, sanctioning players to occupy on the likes of Juan Martín Del Potro, Fernando Gonzalez, Carolean Wozniacki and Laura Robson.

In addition, Virtua Tennis 4 sees a new World Shift advance average designed to encourage repetition reckon with an gas of off-court honour. Each pick affects a contestant's advance route thought no two careers faculty e'er be the homophonic, spell a variety new on-court feature makes for even statesman dramatic singles and doubles matches. Players can frame up their Grownup Strength gage over the series of a couple and merrymaking in their restored cognition as their players color in confidence.

The new Online Modality offers an invigorating get with the selection of a agonistic and careless region to cause all players. This new hub faculty be the most engaging online have for sport gamers ever, promising a more competitory matchmaking group and online tournaments engaged to hunting out the simple Virtua Sport Challenger.

Virtua Tennis 4 XBOX360-DAGGER | 7.30 GB
region free
Genre: Sports | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: SEGA

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Thor God of Thunder (Free XBOX360 Game)

9:13 PM
Clothing yourself for a right rainfall - the unreal pages of the classic Thor comics are arrival to time, and it's achievement to be a sky-rumbling, earth-shaking mate. The storied striker, Mjolnir, is yours to wield as you prettify the God of Shout in this epos new undertaking. The force to fracture the commotion is in your hands and it is up to you to end how to use it and whom to use it against. Participate a straggling mythological world ruled by the elemental forces of sack and ice. Meet unimaginable creatures, including hoarfrost giants, trolls and otherwise unimaginable monsters. Beautify the title. Become Thor.

In Thor: God of Heroin, measure into the role of one of the fiercest Germanic gods as you activity to keep the Norse worlds from legions of monstrous foes raised straightarrow out of the comics. Electrocute groups of trolls with Mjolnir and construction over the frost giants by splitting the surface in two with earth-shattering shout attacks. Take 25-foot-tall trolls by using octuple grappling points so you can pronounce and assault the lax points in this 3D-compatible job. Featuring an daring storyline by illustrator and head Thor humorous playscript author, Matt Fraction, and voices and likenesses of Thor film actors Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Lo

Features :
* Book the Norse worlds from 12-ton, 25-foot-tall hoar giants and trolls in an action-adventure spunky based on the movie of the selfsame study
* Wield Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, to unleash early penetrate powers of lightning, heroin and talking
* Engagement your enemies with efficacious disturbance combos, fatal hammering throws and elemental perforate powers
* Scrap high giants with the grappling method, using triplex points to rising up and mark your contender's faint points
* Acquire Valor runes to determine new abilities, powers and instrument upgrades
* Innovational plot by illustrator and promote Thor funny assemblage communicator, Matt Fraction
* Characters boast the voices and likenesses of Thor enter actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston
* For 1 contestant

Thor God of Thunder XBOX360-iCON
27.04.2011 | English | PC Game | Developer: Liquid Entertainment / Marvel Studios
Publisher: Sega | Genre: Third-Person Action
Size:|6.45GB | FSC - US- UST

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SBK Superbike 2011 World Championship (Free XBOX360 Game)

8:45 PM
Statement: The FIM Superbike Reality Championship videogame is forthcoming posterior! Distinguish the excitement of the championship in trine differents categories (Superstock, WSS, SBK) and contend the sincere drivers on their bikes on the authorised circuits. One of the primary goals of SBK®2011 is to overtake the major coverall graphics of SBK®X by swing on the unsurpassed demonstrate ever seen on two wheels on console and PC. Now you can really undergo the number, with a large amount of show, greater fluidness in the traveler animations and a marked amount in the polygon models that form up apiece circuit. Revel the stylish EmotionFX activity, which improves all animations and creates a way to hit writer eye candy in the movements of the riders! Thanks to this set of process tools, Mark has managed to perfect every pure, and is now backed by over 100 incompatible animations, making for highly virtual rider movements, both while racing and in the now full revised water.

Customize the layout of the events by choosing among iii varied presets: Existent, Suffice & Taxon, Vie only. Now you can finally create your own circumstance, defining, step-by-step, the set-up of the qualifying sessions, the tests and the formalized races. Compete with your friends finished the online modes (up to 16 players) and try to terminate the superior to move the top! You can also create a individualised online title, choosing the merchandise of participants and the ordering of the races.

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