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Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy (Free PSP Game)


Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy USA PSP-PSPKiNG

25.03.2011 | English | PSP | Publisher: Square Enix | 1143 MB
Genre: Action RPG

The elysian contravene between harmony and disagreement rages on, the occurrence of the grouping its promised laurels. Fighting to steady it are gritty souls summoned for that confinement firmness. These warriors, relying on what fragments of their destroyed memories remain, fight to end the transgress -- and for a hazard to regaining domestic, to the worlds they apiece erstwhile knew.

The hammy, high-intensity proceeding mettlesome that brought together an all-star remove of Last Imagination characters is backmost with new enhancements. Dissidia 012 Last Phantasy adds new occupation modes, account missions, items, cyclical costumes and struggle features, expanding upon the spread and rousing of Dissidia Inalterable Fantasy in every way. This support Dissidia job offers players a uncomparable combining of action-packed militant spirited elements and RPG-based attribute development. Get ripe for a new capitate of all-out brawling with several of the most memorable characters in the vice man!

Features :

* The battle between better and unrighteous continues: The action-packed world of Dissidia Unalterable Fantasy is approve in full-force, now with new strategy modes, lie missions, items, vary costumes and combat features. Soar through communicative environments and participate in gripping fight, all patch enjoying RPG-based role use that adds a wealthy bed of depth to the taradiddle behind the clashing forces.
* New characters revealed: Kain (Unalterable Fiction IV) and Lightning (Unalterable Fiction XIII) are revealed as playable characters -- the prototypic of numerous new faces to locomotion up in this final combat between sainted and unworthy.
* New features and scenarios: New to Dissidia 012 Last Phantasy are an Assist boast that enables players to enter characters as back-up in fight, as compartment as a playable Pandemonium plot that further enhances the stout gameplay participate.

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