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Archibald's Adventure (Free PSP Game)


Archibald’s Adventure is the first game to be released on the PSP by the Czech Republic developers Rake in Grass, with previous success on the PC and iPhone with games such as Jets ‘n’ Guns and Undercroft the Prague based development company hope to have equal success on the PSP.

Archibald’s Adventure is a 2D puzzle platform game with over 180 levels set out over 12 chapters. You play as Archibald who while skateboarding with his friend’s in the junkyard of Professor Klumpfus mansion ends up falling down a pipe and into sector 215 of the professor’s lab. Unfortunately for Archie all of the professor’s genetically modified creatures have escaped and are on the loss and to make matters worse the professor’s supercomputer has sealed off the whole house leaving it up to Archie to manually reset the computer and save the day

CLICK HERE and Get Instructions to Download This Game FULL VERSION
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