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MotorStorm Apocalypse (Free PS3 Game)

Formerly again, the most fell off-road racing festival is wager, and this instance the 'Stormers are transportation the extremity MotorStorm® fete to a bailiwick metropolitan metropolis ravaged by a gigantic temblor. Formulated by Evolutions Studios only for the PlayStation 3 (PS3), MotorStorm: Apocalypse brings stake the tune MotorStorm racing insaneness but this minute the racers must trade with the unpredictability of a crumbling urban environs.

Filled with labile skyscrapers, fiery underground tunnels, twisting bridges, and collapsing buildings, the most completely abandoned city offers the perfect area for MotorStorm's automobile sort of cruel street racing. Full construct your assembling of vehicles, including supercars, ruffian cars, and superbikes, and approach strike your cuss 'Stormers as vessel as a metropolis where state awaits you at every transmute. With tremors and aftershocks continuing to hit the metropolis in real-time, players instrument be faced with making hurried decisions in a landscape on the boundary of gross termination. Invited to the apocalypse, MotorStorm music!

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Evolution Studios
Genre: Racing

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