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BigFishGames Week 12.2011 (Free MacOSX Game)

BigFishGames MacOSX Week 12.2011

Descriptions :
Hidden Object
Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp: The 1001 Nights (Intel)
FBI: Paranormal Case (Intel)
Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition (Intel)
Shades of Death: Royal Blood (UB)
The Curse of the Thirty Denarii (Intel)

Match 3
Lucid (Intel) [Lovely little game]

Cubetastic (UB)

Hidden Object Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp: The 1001 Nights (Intel / 1.8GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Find out what the mysterious secret kept in the marvel's cavern is in Aladin & the Wonderful Lamp, a fun Hidden Object game! In order to impress the beautiful Princess, Aladin places himself in grave danger and now needs your help to survive. Act quickly and carefully and help Aladin prove his worth!

* Amazing graphics
* Fantastic gameplay
* Experience the tale of Aladin!

Hidden Object FBI: Paranormal Case (Intel / 1.8GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Aid a young FBI agent, newly promoted to the Department of Unclosed Case Files, as he uncovers an incredible international plot hiding a shocking and well-guarded secret! Search for clues and help the enquiry move forward, counter sabotage attempts, find evidence of the plot and bring to light the mysterious secret behind these paranormal events!

* Dynamic gameplay
* Incredible graphics
* Discover the truth!

Hidden Object Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition (Intel / 1.8GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day in this exciting Adventure game! Battle the gods of yore to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends: Samhain. Depart on a fantastic adventure and learn the secrets behind an ancient Gaelic festival!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. The Collector's Edition includes:

* Bonus gameplay
* Integrated Strategy Guide
* Stunning soundtrack
* Concept art

Hidden Object Shades of Death: Royal Blood (UB / 1.0GHz / 10.5 / 256MB)
After your father dies, your sister Violet requests your help at the Family Castle. After arriving, things seem to be in disarray. Explore the castle and help Violet get to the bottom of a dark mystery in Shades of Death: Royal Blood. Use your Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure skills to explore the grounds and solve tricky puzzles. Discover what had frightened your father and find the truth behind his death.

* Incredible gameplay
* Exciting action
* Figure out a dark mystery!
* Check out our Blog Walkthrough

Hidden Object The Curse of the Thirty Denarii (Intel / 1.8GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Help Blake and Mortimer protect a precious artifact and the fate of all mankind! Twenty-nine of Judas thirty denarii have been discovered! But they contain a deadly curse that could spell disaster for the entire human race Help Blake and Mortimer find the missing denarii before any more blood is shed in this exciting Hidden Object game! Dive into The Curse of the Thirty Denarii today!

* Incredible action
* Gorgeous graphics
* Find the thirtieth denarii!

Match 3 Lucid (Intel / 1.0GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Discover a new way to match blocks in Lucid, a unique Puzzle game with a dream-like atmosphere! Clear the entire area as quickly as you can to succeed. Enjoy stunning visuals and relaxing sound effects as you make combos and hunt for the next perfect area to clear. Gain score multipliers by chaining Color-Tasks and earn awesome Lucid-Blocks.

* Unique gameplay
* Dreamy atmosphere
* Clear the different areas!

Puzzle Cubetastic (UB / 1.0GHz / 10.4 / 512MB)
Cubetastic brings you into a world of cubes made up of different cells and colors. Find a path to the goal by turning and recombining the cells of the cube. To solve each level you'll need to utilize the 3rd dimension. This may be the hardest and most challenging puzzle game ever created!

* Intuitive controls
* Achievements to compete
* More than 150 levels

and Get Instructions to Download This Game FULL VERSION
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