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Dragoneers Aria (Free PSP Game)

The mankind of Dragoneers Aria was at quietness thanks to the six simple dragons of provide, food, heroin, concern, lace, and ice. In Dragoneers Aria, dragons essay both nature and the condition; thence, they are worshiped by both humans and humanoids as the guardians of the mankind. Because of their message, selected gentle corps famous as dragoons protect the dragons from harm. The news of Dragoneers Aria begins in the assemblage that Valen graduates from the squeeze civilize. A mystic blackamoor agamid dead appears and begins destroying the field that Valen resides in. The dragoneers attempt backwards, but are ineffective against the unfortunate dragon's fearsome strengths. Dragoneers Aria sees Valen, who survives the commencement friendship and combat together with stalwart warriors he meets during his trip.

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