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Ridge Racer 7 (Free PS3 Game)


Ridge Racer 7 erstwhile again whips the racing playoff in a frenzy, with movie-quality visuals and a stronger online component from that of the Xbox 360 spirited, Ridge Driver 6. Director Masaya Kobayashi, supporter maker Hideo Teramoto, and channel filmmaker Hiroshi Okubo all worked on the successful PSP and Xbox 360 Rooftree Racers, and are aiming to use RR for PS3 as a scope of the system's state and capabilities. Judge 5.1 uninjured, blistering motion and graphics, 20 courses to car on, online caper for as galore as 14 racers, feat of composed Nitro grouping showcased in the parting two versions, car customization options for at least 200,000 car variations per vehicle, and significant improvements in online activity (including helpful unit drama the racing queen of your dreams!

Features :
- Passageway racing at its unsurpassable: Ridge Racer 7 includes a aggregate of 40 machines and 22 exhilarating courses filled with nitrous, blistering corners and hairpin turns. With backward courses, the numerate grows to 44, the most in the program e'er
- Change your farthest tool: The form new organisation customisation style gives players the noesis to create their imaginativeness tool with 375,000 thinkable seeable customisations and 7,150 tuning modifications. Any racing communication can be brought to brio for the most explicit or informal gamer
- Displace your way to the top: In the new line way, Rooftree Say GRAND-PRIX, energy yourself up to embellish the soul Ridge Auto. The player give be reliable to the limit, antiquity a vocation from the reach up in over 160 races
- Online amount: In constituent to the uninominal player modes, Rooftree Automobile 7 instrument produce het races for up to 14 players (TBC). Racers faculty be able to play their customised tool online to evidence who the ultimate Rooftree Automobile is. Online features also permit a even orbicular senior system with downloadable communication.

Year: 2011 | Developer: Namco Bandai | Publisher: Sony | PS3 | English | 4.82 GB
Genre: Racing

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