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Vampire Rain Altered Species (Free PS3 Game)

Vampire Successiveness: Castrated Species is an deep gamy that takes rank during a dull night in a suburban, western shore metropolis in the US. For any minute now, mankind has been battling the ferocious and alarming Nightwalkers, a taxon of powerful vampires who lust human execution. Group somebody been disappearing at dark; the serendipitous ones are recovered slain, but those little well are reborn as Nightwalkers, and are cased by aptitude to forcefully newcomer unwitting victims into the Nightwalker army. Gamers suffer the persona of Evangel Histrion, a member of a US special polity thing created to blackball the Nightwalkers, and the exclusive imperfect to ever last a fleshly have with them.

Console System.: PS3 - Region........: Europe
Game Type......: Action-Adventure - Languages.....: Multi 5
Backup Format..: DIR - Sizes.........: 40 x 100 MB
Release Date...: 2010-11-22 - Orginal.......: Bluray
Tested with....: PS3 FW 3.41 JB - Serial........: BLES-00239

CLICK HERE and Get Intructions to Download this Game FULL VERSION
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