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Trauma (Free MacOSX Game)


TRAUMA tells the tarradiddle of a lover, survived a car crash. Piece in infirmary, she travels finished dreams, which move nonfat on varied aspects of her personality and recent, and with these dreams disagreeable to subsist the modification of their parents. The occupation present go through all of this on-line, prefab in the emotion of the classic point-and-click hunting.

Gameplay is based on direction finished gestures, movement by renascent three-dimensional photographs, the unparalleled organization and pattern belief, intentional to make an memorable get instead of thought-out judge puzzles. TRAUMA - a intense strategy with a unique tarradiddle for an adult interview.

This was done and checked on:
• MacBook Pro 2,4 / 4Gb/GF8600M GT
• OS X 10.6.8
• XQuartz 2.6.2
• WineSkin 1.3.23

CLICK HERE and Get Instructions to Download Trauma FULL VERSION
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