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Cross Edge (Free PS3 Game)

Interbreed Urgency is an unprecedented collaboration between digit study gallinacean publishers from Nippon. Nippon Ichi Software, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Wind, and Tune Manufactory hold married forces to create a Strategy RPG unlike any other. Mark Furnish features characters and storylines from popular franchises including: Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Mana Khemia, and Spectral Souls. Cover Render is action-packed with memorable characters, awesome items, and over-thetop battles to mouth an once-in-a-lifetime play experience.

Cross Edge PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 12.8 GB
REGiON: USA | LANG : English | METHOD : JB
Genre: RPG | Publisher: NIS | Developer/Co-Developer: Compile Heart / Idea Factory

CLICK HERE and Get Instructions to Download This Game FULL VERSION
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