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Valkyria Chronicles (Free PS3 Game)

Valkyria Chronicles combines strategy elements of orthodox tactical enactment playing games with real-time state sequences. The mettlesome is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s, Assemblage divided in two and ruled by the Corp and the Federation. The Corp has set its sights on offensive a fine viewless state titled Gallia, which is situated in the intervening of the two outstanding empires. The occupation follows a artificer named Welkin and his man soldiers of the Federation's 7th Platoon that are militant against the Corporation, who is purport on unifying the chaste under its force.

Collective upon the new "Fabric" engine, Valkyria Chronicles' ground-breaking 3D graphics resemble a picture trade in movement. Gameplay is concentrated around a new write of tactical conflict concept. Famous as "Maneuver," this try conception gives players single freedom to strategically locomote around the surround and flack enemies using real-time controls.

Valkyria Chronicles USA JB PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 12.3GB
Genre: Action RPG | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: SEGA

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