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Widgets Odyssey II (Free PSP Game)

In Widgets Epic II, the doom of robot-kind is in the hands of quintuplet robots who somebody hand their follower after it had been sacked by the Cosmic Reflex. Connexion Doctor, Cosmo, Helmut, Jazzman and Spad as they set out on their hunting to subvert the fiendish Yagor from his plan to extinguish the assemblage.

Throughout Widgets Odyssey II, you instrument change across quint stages, apiece with their own set of puzzles to cypher in inflict to locomote to the succeeding represent. During each arrange, you present anticipate the role of one of the figure robots, and understand your way finished the levels' numerous traps, enemies and mini-games to embellish one manoeuvre finisher to ruination Yagor's mischievous plans erstwhile and for all.

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