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X-Men Legends II Rise Of Apocalypse (Free PSP Game)

X-Men Legends II Rise Of Apocalypse (PSP)

The X-Men group up with their committed enemies, Generator and his Fraternity, to stay the preeminent threat of all: Apocalypse. Activision's X-MEN LEGENDS II: Rising OF APOCALYPSE for the PSP allows players to manipulate both healthy and vile mutants in one of the most touristy franchises of all measure. The mettlesome begins with X-Men Carcajou, Assail, and Cyclops and the Sodality's Generator, Cat, and Mystique saving Academic X from Apocalypse's situation.Apocalypse, one of the most muscular mutants in the X-Men series, has blighted the sport haven of Genosha and seize digit potent mutants, including cardinal from, including Manoeuvre, Batrachian, Bishop, and Pyro. Apiece variation has his or her own incomparable abilities and powers, and players will essential to discover how to use apiece to get finished predestined areas. The business is forked into figure stages, and the end of the oldest quartet, players gift confronting off against one of Apocalypse's reigning henchmen, the Horsemen. There are also many solon cameo appearances stray throughout the game, and a enumerate of unlockable extras suchlike concealed characters, artist uniforms, and otherwise skins. Players can also activity the mettlesome cooperatively, with up to quaternity players joining in the mutant scrimmage. But whether rotund of all the activeness, excitation, and variation powers X-MEN fans eff

Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: Vicarious Visions Raven Software | Publisher: Activision | Release Date: October 18, 2005 | 900 MB
Genre: Action RPG

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