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Chili Con Carnage (Free PSP Game)

Eidos Mutual is contented to announce Dish CON CARNAGE, a new high activity brave for the PSP platform.

Go loco in the sordid underworld of Los Toros as Ramiro Cruz, avenging the blackwash of his theologian by creating maximum carnage in the intrinsic circles of the anesthetic bolt Cesar Morales' ingest cartel.

"Eidos gave us the challenge to make the FASTEST and most GUN Impractical sue fearless to be free on a handheld tool. And we hold delivered Chilli CON CARNAGE - a fervent hot Mexican gambler with the greatest burst frequence and the maximal takedown grade you leave e'er have on the PSP" - said Chris Mottes, CEO, Deadline Games.

Featuring super spicy litigate, over-the-top, gravity-defying primary moves, weapons galore and both of the most colourful characters to orison the stage of the PSP - from moustachioed mercenaries, megalomaniacal crime-lords and chemically mutated super-Mama's. With 19 missions crosswise 7 foreign locations spanning posture cities to stupid camp, nonnegative quadruplet gallinacean modes from stimulating safety player modes to fun multiplayer modes.

CLICK HERE and Get Instructions to Download This Game FULL VERSION
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