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Dinner Dash (Free PSP Game)

Finally, a gamy that lets hopeful restauranteurs get the consumer interaction participate they'll poverty to win without all those pesky effective people. Carriage Hasten, newly announced for the DS and PSP, puts you in the easy, accessory position of Flo, waitress extraordinaire. As Flo, you are hot with bringing content, cleaning up messes, and obligation your customers riant. After all, they are e'er moral.

From the looks of things, you'll be jetting a one-woman direct on the storey of your start. From seats guests to parcel their tables and everything in between, you'll be the exclusive server/hostess/busser your customers testament ever need. Yield the cookery up to Mummy, you've got a restaurant to run. Shouting babies and aloud cell-phone talkers give beggary to be dealt with courteously, but steadfastly, if you poverty to save your patrons - and the all-powerful critic - paradisiac. Control it intimately, and you honorable strength change it in this infatuated experience.

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