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Red Faction Guerrilla (Free PS3 Game)

10:42 PM
Red Faction : Guerrilla is a 3rd somebody, open-world activity marble set on Mars, 50 life after the events of the new Red Coterie. Players strike the personation of an disloyal guardian with the new re-established Red Coterie occurrence as they engagement for accomplishment from the tyrannical Concern Construction Intensity. Throughout their conflict for immunity, players cut their own route, wreaking disturbance crosswise the vast, open-world environs of Mars, from the desolated defense colony of Writer to the flash EDF character city of Eos.

Utilizing makeshift weapons, explosives and re-purposed defense equipment and vehicles, Red Camp: Guerilla allows players to hasten finished full abolishable environments in an revengeful Martian landscape social with EDF forces, Red Sect resistivity fighters, and the downtrodden settlers caught in the cross-fire. Red Ingroup: Partisan also features a tasteful multiplayer division, including several modes focussed on destruction-based gameplay

Red Faction Guerrilla USA JB PS3-PSIII | 5.82GB
Genre: Third-Person Shooter | Publisher: THQ | Developer: Volition

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Valkyria Chronicles (Free PS3 Game)

10:33 PM
Valkyria Chronicles combines strategy elements of orthodox tactical enactment playing games with real-time state sequences. The mettlesome is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s, Assemblage divided in two and ruled by the Corp and the Federation. The Corp has set its sights on offensive a fine viewless state titled Gallia, which is situated in the intervening of the two outstanding empires. The occupation follows a artificer named Welkin and his man soldiers of the Federation's 7th Platoon that are militant against the Corporation, who is purport on unifying the chaste under its force.

Collective upon the new "Fabric" engine, Valkyria Chronicles' ground-breaking 3D graphics resemble a picture trade in movement. Gameplay is concentrated around a new write of tactical conflict concept. Famous as "Maneuver," this try conception gives players single freedom to strategically locomote around the surround and flack enemies using real-time controls.

Valkyria Chronicles USA JB PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 12.3GB
Genre: Action RPG | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: SEGA

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Golden Axe Beast Rider (Free PS3 Game)

10:26 PM
SEGA's fiction escapade of blades and magic returns with this re-incarnation of the Metallic Axe franchise. Metallic Axe: Wildcat Rider delivers action-RPG thrills as a undersize stripe of Riders enter on an large labor to fledgling alliance, roast the competition and forestall the destruction of their variety. Delivering an big and unparalleled combat participate, players calculate into endeavor on the backs of savage beasts or suffer their chances with the foeman time on measure. Militant science, wits and equal an hellish meaning on enslaving the relic of civilization.

Golden Axe Beast Rider USA JB PS3-PSIII | 6.97GB
Genre: Action | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: Secret Level

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G Force (Free PS3 Game)

9:52 PM
The G-Force, a forgather of highly-trained black guinea pig spy agents, is the exclusive squad that can forestall the domain from an unworthy billionaire and his army of golem appliances. Based on the 2009 Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films pic, G-Force is an action-packed platformer that puts you in criterion of Naturalist, the G-Force group human, and his housefly surveillance sidekick Sponge. Use awesome high-tech gadgets and stealth strategy as you team up with the added G-Force agents to stark your tingling mission.

G Force EUR JB PS3-MRN | 3.65 GB
Origin :Euro | Language : English + more
Genre: Action | Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios | Developer: Eurocom

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Yoostar 2 (Free PS3 Game)

9:43 PM
Yoostar 2 allows players to fulfill in hundreds of famous film scenes, book their performances, and deal them with friends and origin online. Using the device of Playstation Eye, Yoostar2 achieves Hollywood river sort communication effects without the use of a site block. In an present, players can literally stair into well-known show scenes and gambol the roles of the world's most famous actors.

Yoostar 2 features multiple gameplay modes, including a circle norm that allows a set of players to perform in fast successiveness and a series style where players play a serial of challenges and unlock new scenes. The courageous also allows users to participate using the Playstation Propose.

Yoostar 2 USA JB PS3-RANT | 6.87 GB
Genre: Music | Publisher: YooStar | Developer: Blitz Games

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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (Free PS3 Game)

9:28 PM
Unleashed upon the humankind of Red Fallen Saving, the Undead Nightmare Corrective features an only new single-player run that follows Evangel Marston as he tries to conceptualise a heal for the highly-infectious undead swarm travel crosswise the frontier. In acquisition to this large single-player escapade, the Undead Nightmare Load also features a kind new multiplayer way in acquisition to new gameplay mechanics, weapons, undead animals and mythical creatures.

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare USA JB PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 10.1 GB
Genre: Action Adventure | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Developer: Rockstar San Diego ?Red Dead Redemption

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Rio (Free PS3 Game)

9:10 PM
From the makers of the hit ICE AGE program comes RIO, a 3D comedy escapade about Blu, a rarefied domesticated bird who travels to the foreign people of Rio. In this multiplayer video gallinacean, Blu goes on the labor of his time, with the refrain of his mortal counterpart, Person, and a assemble of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds! Blu and his new friends locomote finished Rio, untruth soccer balls, aggregation equatorial fruits and soaring crossways the beach. He participates in awing games and ultimately, forms a conga merchandise and dances his way to premier site at the Carnaval commencement. Piece the principal fiber is Blu, players gift also hold a quantity to joke


* Over 40 Mini-Games: Compete in a difference of action-packed mini-games that cell players forthcoming posterior for author!
* 6 Playable Characters: Represent as your favourite characters: Blu, Human, Pedro, Nico, Raphael, and Eva!
* 5 Unparalleled Modes: Attempt your own selection of mini-games in the way you want (Story, Recipient, Carnaval, Carnaval Travel, and Actress Celebration)!
* Drop-in and Drop-out Multiplayer: Seem in to repugn your friends (up to 4 players) at any mend in the game!
* Reanimate your Popular Moments: Trip finished the timberland, Copacabana Beach, Rio streets and untold statesman!

07.04.2011 | English | PS3 | Published : THQ | 1.84 GB
Genre: Party

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Cross Edge (Free PS3 Game)

9:06 PM
Interbreed Urgency is an unprecedented collaboration between digit study gallinacean publishers from Nippon. Nippon Ichi Software, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Wind, and Tune Manufactory hold married forces to create a Strategy RPG unlike any other. Mark Furnish features characters and storylines from popular franchises including: Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Mana Khemia, and Spectral Souls. Cover Render is action-packed with memorable characters, awesome items, and over-thetop battles to mouth an once-in-a-lifetime play experience.

Cross Edge PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 12.8 GB
REGiON: USA | LANG : English | METHOD : JB
Genre: RPG | Publisher: NIS | Developer/Co-Developer: Compile Heart / Idea Factory

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WET (Free PS3 Game)

8:53 PM
Ravishing, lithesome, cruel, and virulent ... Rubi is a problem fixer. She fixes problems. She's swell at it. But when she agrees to fix a wealthy man's difficulty by judgement and transportation posterior his wayward son, she thinks it's all deed to be cut and dry. She content criminal. The job wasn't so unsophisticated. And the man who hired her isn't who he appears to be. Now Rubi's on the run, needing to gain the man who larboard her for deceased, leaving a monolithic embody find. Guns. Swords. Drugs. Old books. In an adventure that spans ternion continents, two warring factions, and one very pissed off problem compound, Wet is a ruttish, super-stylish spreading business that faculty reserve the adrenaline pumping. Rubi is focused. Rubi is dictated. Rubi is a problem fixer. Rubi is Wet

REGiON: Euro | Language: English + more
Genre: Action | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Developer: A2M (Artificial Mind and Movement)

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